Today we went to the Herbert Gallery and looked at the exhibition called the History Gallery. We had to pick two objects in the gallery and reflect on how they have been exhibited. 


The gallery when you first walk in looks like a jumble of lots of different objects, but once you understand that the exhibition goes through different time periods you are able to readjust yourself. I wanted to compare two objects from the start of history and one more current object. My first object was of an Anglo-Saxon bowl. The text around it explained the history of Coventry that it is around 2000 years old. So the first collection of objects were from different time periods for instance Romans and Anglo-Saxons. Whereas later on through the exhibition as we have more objects from recent times they were group together by decade or half decades. I understand that there are not many objects from such a long time ago but I think it would have been better to separate each object according to time. The bowl dates from around 500AD and was used for hanging. I wish that they had told you what might hang in the bowl, how it might have been made with limited technology and what the bowl is made from. There was a QR code but when I used it in only sent me to the Herbert Art Gallery’s website, I wasn’t sure if that was planned or not. However, it didn’t seem to make any  sense as usually QR codes are used to gain more information on the subject. This meant I wasn’t well informed on the bowl and it’s use because there was such limited information on it.


The second object I picked was another bowl, from the Caribbean which was used to cook stew in. Strangely, the bowl looked more worn than the Anglo-Saxon bowl, but probably because it was used to cook with. This also could be why there is less decoration as it was used to cook with rather than eat from, as cooking equipment usually has less decoration on it. The other objects it was paired with were from around the home, so there was a tape record, radio and tea sets. However, even though I was told what went in the bowl I was still not informed on what it was made from, how it was made or the rough date that this particular bowl was from. 


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