The title I decided to go for is:

With the Starting Premise, That the Landscape of Photography is on Shifting Sands, Discuss Some of the Debates Around this Theme and How They Inform Your Understanding of The Future of Photography.

I wanted to have a focus on documentary photography and how technology is changing photography.

When thinking of the points I want to make in my essay I had four in mind:

  • The invention of smart phones
  • Editing photos
  • How travelling could mean photographers might not be needed to document the world.
  • Creation of photo sharing sites like Facebook and Flickr, and the theft of images.

However, when I started to write my essay I started to realise that I was writing so much about my first two points I didn’t need any other points.

I understood that I couldn’t go from saying what photography was and straight to how it is today so in my introduction I include a brief history of photography so I looked at A World History of Photography (fourth edition) by Naomi Rosenblum (2007). In the book there is a chapter on documenting. Which I felt was appropriate for my essay. But i also knew Kodak created the first roll film camera which started the accessibility of photography for the masses so I looked at Kodak’s website on their history.


I also knew that Fred Ritchin looks at the future of photography and I have his book After Photography so I read his book and highlighted bits that could be relevant to my essay. I also read relevant parts of his latest book Bending the Frame .

I read a couple of online journals on citizen journalism


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