Here is my final piece:

I was quite pleased how my project turned out, I feel like that they do give justice to what I saw on Sunday 17th November, and what I understand of the religion. However, if someone who doesn’t have a basic understanding of the religion might not totally appreciate the photos. This disappoints me, so this is why I felt photo film would be more fitting. This is also why I didn’t want to make any prints because those who have understanding of the religion can understand them. Therefore I felt talking about the images and the stories I have from the day would be more fitting, so anyone can look at the images will have a good understanding of the images.

If I had an opportunity to go back or reshoot this project I would look deeper into the religion, and try to understand the foundations and philosophy of it, and perhaps try to do reflect that in my work. This way creating a more artistic piece. I might shoot it on film and layer over text from the religious book over the top that relates to the photo.

If I were to continue this project I would do one of two things, I would go to other places of worship, perhaps compare the religions. Or perhaps get other people from my class to go there and see what they take. Because it would be interesting to see other people’s views of the same place who have come from different backgrounds, and might have different beliefs to me.

After my presentation the feedback was that perhaps I needed more confidence in my work and that the images did do what I wanted them to do. Perhaps I should have researched further into photo films. I feel for my next module I need to be able to develop ideas further.


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