Note: This might not be the complete truth, this is my understanding of religions.

Religion fascinates me, in some ways it always has. But recently I have found myself finding more and more similarities between the major six: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddism, Sikhism and Hinduism. This thought was sparked again when I was reading up on Sikhism and I found out that the first Guru disappeared for three days and he had knowledge from God, this is very similar to Jesus and his resurrection. I was really surprised because there are huge similarities between the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) for example (on a basic level) there is one God, one main book they refer to, they have a place of worship. And there are similarities between Hinduism and Buddhism for example the idea of rebirth, karma and meditation can focus quite heavily in a form of worship. However, Sikhism seems to be a branch between the two sections, so Sikhism believe in one God, like the Abrahamic religions, additionally the idea of the first person to spread the religion went away and came back after three days. However they take their shoes off as a sign of respect like Hinduism and they also have Gurus (although this could be a language similarity). This does make sense because at the creation of Sikhism there was both Islam and Hinduism. Also Hindus and Sikhs believe they are currently in Hell and they want to get their soul to God. Although I know that at the end of the world in both Christianity and Hinduism there will be a man on a white horse. Also in Christianity and Hinduism there are people who take their religion very seriously like Monks (for Christianity) and Sadhus (for Hinduism) these will usually mean taking a vow of celibacy and usually other vows for Sadhus too like to stand or to hold their hand up for so many years.

In all religions there is an idea of bettering yourself, in the Abrahamic religions if you do well you will get to God or Heaven. Whereas in Hinduism you need to get out of the cycle of Samara. But these are ways to be good and where people get their morals. Something that strikes me is that Hindus and Buddhists seem to naturally do their religious practices, like it’s a part of everyday life. Whereas Abrahamic traditions, especially Christianity, your religious duties are on top of your everyday life, for instance you go to work you eat etc and you will go to church. Whereas Hindus will do religious duties like prayer twice a day, they won’t eat beef, as cows are sacred.

I like understanding why people have their faith, sometimes I do question whether for some that it’s down to fear. Particularly a fear of death and what happens after it. I only wonder this because I am scared too. I want to think I would be reunited with loved ones and also they are still with me and watching over me. So if you believe that you go somewhere once you have died then you know that if you are good you are reunited with your loved ones. Also it could be a fear of being judged, there are very few people that want to be perceived as bad. Religion gives you fixed guidelines on what is good and what is bad. For some this can be a comfort so they know how they can be the good person they want to be. I am trying not to make flippant comments but this is just things I wonder. This is also no disrespect to anyone who has a faith or believes in some form of religion.

Personally, I feel in myself that I have no need for religion; I get my morals from myself and the world around me. I will make judgements on people’s actions and decide whether I want to mimic them or not. I have confidence in my own ability to know what is right and wrong. I also see too many flaws in religion for me to have a solid foundation to believe in something. I appreciate people want to, and I would never try to change that but I will, from time to time, want a discussion with people on what grounds they believe in God or an afterlife or whatever the do have faith in. I can also see why and how religion cam about in the first place, on a basic level, you can see some with a primitive mind can look up and see blue skies and think “that’s perfect” and look at the ground where lava and steam may shoot up and think “that looks like a horrible place to be”.


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