I applied to do a beta test for the university’s online Photoshop module.

I went through each week’s tutorial and if I found any glitches to report back to Jacqui Bleetman.

Although there weren’t many problems to exercise my problem solving skills. The main ones were that one of the lessons was quite long with no breaks and I struggled to keep up with it. So if a beginner were to try to learn from it I felt they would need little pauses or a chance to pause the video to catch up. Also the way Moodle is laid out meant not all the video could be viewed at the same time, which wasn’t much of a problem but obviously you would rather see the whole screen to copy from.

I still felt it improved my Photoshop skills and it reminded me of techniques I have forgotten, from the Photoshop Add+vantage module I did in my first year. Even since then I have used the skills I learnt from the online module in some of my freelance work. I also I feel I have gained in analytical skills, I have had to watch the videos as if I have no prior knowledge of Photoshop. This is a quality a lot of employers look for in an employee.


One thought on “201: My Experience on the Photoshop Module

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