On January 6th 2014 I attended a lecture entitled Media Driving Forces.

We looked at how each era has it’s own media, so their cave paintings, to books to cloud storage. I think in some ways we are losing the old media such as books because of things like PDFs and Kindles everything can be online. I have heard many people say “why should I buy a book when I can have more for the price and no weight on my kindle?” And they’re right, why should they? I mean your suitcase is probably a lot lighter, and you don’t need your house full of books and there is the added bonus of saving the rainforest! And on that front I really cannot argue against that. But I still wouldn’t want to lose physical books, there is still something about seeing a bookshelf full of books or even of other media. At home we have a huge shelf filled with CDs and vinyls, for me that is home. If that ever were to go the living room wouldn’t feel right. Even though they are rarely played now because my dad has recorded them and now has them on the computer and his phone.

Although, I don’t think old or traditional media is completely being shunned because still thousands of people go to see the Mona Lisa everyday. Why? It hasn’t got the same impact if you just look at it on a computer. There is still a sense of detachment. That looking at things through a screen do not give the same impact. For example a photographer created a 14meter long print, you can’t properly view that on a screen! The real impact is seeing it in the flesh, because not only can you see it in full you can see sections of it, like mini photographs in one massive one.

Some could argue the TV is becoming a traditional media, Peter Hirshberg argues that the web is better than TV  and therefore has the potential to override TV for good.

I don’t think traditional media has completely gone, perhaps because of sentimentality but there is a possibility that some is on the way out.


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