On 09.01.14 I had my first lecture in experimental narratives.

We had two tasks to complete for the next session:

Task 1

We were asked to do a 20 second ‘cut up’ the following videos, you could use all of them or one.

David Cameron

Will Self VS Michael Gove 

Russel Brand VS Jeremy Paxman 

I chose the David Cameron video, I created three cut ups.

The first I would say is completely experimental I didn’t listen to what I was doing until I created the 20seconds of video.

The second I think works the best, I took one phrase from the video: “There is a right to go and work” and mixed and played around with those words. I wanted this idea of numb the words down so much so that they lose meaning, similar to Steve Reich’s It’s Gonna Rain but without the musical beat or side to it.

The third is the whole video where I listened to the main words he says and also using the main theme of the video and created a cut up out of them.

Task 2: Paragraph on Something Experimental 

I watched a video of a satirical rite of passage (unfortunately I can’t find a link), it’s an odd sequence because it draws on actual ceremonies but it’s just so bizarre. They end up cutting his trousers, and dancing around with instruments made of garbage. It was really simply shot, no strange angles so it looked like it was an actual documentation of a religious ceremony. It stuck in my head because when I first watched the video I couldn’t work out whether it was a joke or a serious ceremony but as it continued I could only assume it was a joke.


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