Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman are lecturers and photographers they have collaborated on a few projects relating to Twitter and the information that can be found there. One of which is GEOLOCATION: TRIBUTES TO THE DATA STREAM (2009 – present) This is what they say about the project:

We use publicly available GPS metadata in Twitter posts to track and photograph the locations. This is an edited selection of 30 photographs from the ongoing project. We actively seek commissions to make new, site-specific work in the larger series.


So they find tweets that have the location added onto them, go to the location and take a photo there. I think it is a really interesting series, because it makes you wonder why these things were written there. For example the photo seems to be of a highway and the tweet reads “Don’t mistake intensity for passion”. Why did they think of that there? Or what were they doing that sparked them to tweet that?


Another project is also using metadata of tweets but looking at what is trending on Twitter, the series #HowToKeepARelationshipWithMe sparks a similar reaction with me like Geolocation


The time-lapse video called Shift Change was shot over 9 hours meanwhile they recorded tweets shot in the area. Over the 9minutes of the video an automated video reads out the tweets.


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