The Reflecting Pool starts off with a very tranquil scene of a pool in a forest of some description, if there was no sound track I would be quite relaxed, it would almost look like something a spa would have on loop or as a photo. But the soundtrack sounds very mechanical or industrial with a lot of white noise (there is a forest-y noise with running water). Really, this is my only problem with the film because for me it is an uncomfortable noise. After while the mechanical noise dies away and you are left with the running water and wind through the trees type noise but still, there is this horrible white noise. 


A man walks on to the scene stands up over the water, he stands there for a while, it looks like the video is a time-lapse because of how quickly the water is moving. Suddenly he jumps and you think it’s all been paused but the water is still moving. Viola has used a split screen technique. I do like this but I feel like it drags on for a while where you are just seeing this man in a ‘cannonball’ style jump while the water is moving (and a horrible noise still over the top). The water ripples occasionally. The mans starts to fade and in the water you see multiple reflections of a person, they fade. And the ripple of the man jumping is reversed and you see him standing there in the reflection of the pool. But the pool is a to darker. Eventually the reflection walks away and the pool is lit up again. Then the man gets out of the water in both the world and the reflection. The figure fades away into the real world’s forest. 



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