I am pretty lost with this creative brief so I thought I need to start somewhere. I really like the work of Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman (I did a blog post on them found here). So I thought I should start with my Twitter, and see if there is any information I can use there.

So I have tried to find and use multiple sites to gain information.

The first I used was Vizify

It looked at the words I use, here are my top ten of all time:


The second I used was a Twitter Visualiser

My results are:Image



The third I used was Tweettails

I found this by searching “what words I tweet the most”


Something I found quite interesting is that some of the words one site says I use a lot another doesn’t for example tweettails doesn’t say I mention the word ‘dad’ in my tweets.

I’m not sure what I am going to do with this information as of yet but it is something to start with.

Another idea I had was to screen record what I was doing when I was working, For example so I can see the distractions, when I get distracted and how often.

I then thought I should sound record at the same time too. As it would be interesting if I talk to myself, if I sigh etc. I tried this however my computer crashed during it, so I only have the screen recording. I have nearly two hours of footage which I want to speed up into a five minute clip. And I have the first ten minutes of audio. So I’m going to upload the first ten minutes of audio and video into one clips and do another without the audio but the whole two hours sped up.

Video with audio:

Video sped up:

To add to that I thought it would be interesting to see what I was doing myself, it’s all well and good seeing what I am doing on the computer but I might be playing with my hair or doing my nails etc. so I thought about recording using a camera on the outside too.

Which lead me to think of using the webcam on my computer to take photos every so often to see what I am doing. I took photos every 5 minutes for two hours. Here are some of the results I got:

Test of work _20140121_184637 Test of work _20140121_194135 Test of work _20140121_203135

As I am struggling I looked into digital media:

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 20.22.39 Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 20.22.57

So really it can be anything that is stored digitally.

I also thought what the words work, rest and play mean to me:


  • Actual work: I am a student progression ambassador, a Coventry University Ambassador, shot seller and a volunteer teacher at a primary school
  • Work for my course, like this.
  • Work for photography (as in the work I produce)
  • When something goes to plan


  • Sleep
  • Relaxing in front of the TV
  • The way I place my body


  • Playing games on my phone/computer
  • Playing a video
  • Playing music

I had one idea that when I am cooking and washing up I usually listen to music so I thought of doing long exposures of me dancing to the music whilst cooking.



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