The definition of the selfie:

I searched for ” #selfie ” on instragram, here’s what I found:

2014-01-23 15.07.15 2014-01-23 15.07.27 2014-01-23 15.09.06

When thinking about what an uncliched selfie I thought it’s best to start off with what a cliche selfie is.

  • Selfies are normally good looking
  • You see a person at their best
  • It’s taken from a height (sometimes)
  • You see the person in the shot.
  • Normally taken on a phone, occasionally a compact camera.

So even doing a video is slightly uncliched although in this article there are some selfie videos.

I have decided that I will do a video that is the opposite of what I mentioned above.

  • I won’t be in the video
  • I will mainly use found footage.
  • I will do it of my unattractive qualities/traits of mine.


When I thought about what bad qualities I have here is what came to mind:

  • Hating people and not really caring about them
  • Being paranoid or nervous about things
  • My anger

So I have created a 16second video (I know it should have been 30 but I like what I did and I didn’t feel I should add to it.

I have used audio from one of my favourite TV shows Parks and Recreation, a song and an explosion.

  • The first says “Eugh do we have to do something nice now?” slightly referring to the fact a selfie should be nice but also I try not to do things that are nice for people, which came from Parks and Rec
  • You then hear creepy music and whispering this slightly relates to my nervousness.
  • Then you hear and see an explosion which is this idea of hate and rage.
  • Then the screaming is from the Parks and Rec relating to anger again.
  • And the final line is fairly self explanatory and again it’s from Parks and Rec.

Here it is:


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