On the 27th January 2014 I attended a lecture called Virtually Real – Really Virtual. We looked at virtual worlds and immersive media. I think it’s really odd how we are so susceptible to being fooled by these types of technologies and media, especially when they look so un-real, like this. In someways it shouldn’t come as a shock to me because people take hallucinogenics purely because they want a trippy experience. We watch films to the point where if we’re disturbed we jump and forget where we are. Even some people have been convinced characters are real! And this is something they want, but what really fascinates me is when we imagine things that aren’t there for example ghosts people convince themselves there are other presences with and can scare themselves so much into seeing things like something move that isn’t there. Or even cases of phantom limb I’m sure no one wants that but why do are minds trick us so?

However, this can lead to something scarier in some ways, looking at Robbie Cooper’s Immersion video, it’s horrifying watching young people scream the words “DIE” yet their facial expressions show such indifference. And that people would rather be doing this that interacting in the real world. I cannot understand why people want to be immersed into such a horrific violent world when they could be having fun with friends at the park. Call me old fashioned maybe?! But I just don’t get it. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t grow up with many forms of games technology, especially compared to my friends.

It scares me to think people would rather be alone in a virtual world than in a physical one, it feels very (Charlie Brooker’s) Black Mirror to me. And that is a scary thought.


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