I attended the lecture Knowledge is Power on 13th January 2014. Upon arriving into the room and reading the title for the lecture I agreed with it. I do believe understanding something and having the knowledge of it does trump most things. For example if I don’t research into a wedding ceremony and the individual sections of it to find out what is significant I might miss a moment the client wants documented. Having that knowledge betters me and my photography.

However, in this post-whistle blowing era, it is scary to think how little we do know about what we think we know. Even with the horse meat scandal we thought we knew what was in our food yet we were being lied to (whether the companies knew it or not). Personally, I believe if the government want 100% honest information on us we deserve to have it back. It’s a two way street.

But just because some has said it’s true doesn’t make it so. There are a scarily high number of hoaxes and falsities on the internet. For example Lonelygirl15, people loved her and thought they knew her but she turned out to be an actress, some people were in total shock by this. However this isn’t something that should surprise us because offline people lie, offline there are hoaxes and offline there are things that people have created. For example the Yes Men. It feels to me people have a natural susceptibility to believe everything on face value. When really we shouldn’t trust everything, it should be false until proven true. Although if we go down that path we might turn to solipsism.


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