I really liked the idea of looking at how I work for the ‘Work’ set.

I like looking at how my brain works, for example even just writing these two lines I automatically started to look for work about distractions. However, I realised that only showing my screen wouldn’t help because I also get distracted by things around me, sometimes I just find myself combing my hair, counting money or filing my nails. So I thought about using a split screen, so when the the viewer doesn’t see me doing anything on the screen they can look at the view of me.

One video I found on distractions was a College Humour video titled ‘Distractions’. I like how it is set on a screen and how each app and logo was almost like the thoughts of the person getting distracted. I thought it was really well written and shot. Although I don’t want my video to be only on the distractions on the internet. And I would rather mine be more on what is happening to me rather than more generic.

I found one video called Distracted / Distrait it followed a man who was so caught up (and was distracted by) in his life, especially work that he forgot about his family. I really like how this video was the reverse of what I am looking at, that the work is the distraction not him getting distracted from work. I thought the video was really well shot too. However, I found the video to be implausible, for me I would never forget about friends and family no matter how much I worked. Especially if I have scheduled in to see them. This video is too different from what I want to do.

I found two articles on getting detracted from work and homework, although in both cases I really like the photo rather than the article itself.

The first article is by a newspaper in LA written by and for teenagers. The article is different students talking about how they are distracted and how they overcame them. But the photo is quite good, there are lots of hands holding different items, coming towards one person in the middle looking stressed. I like this idea of being overwhelmed with it all and showing all the different distractions one could have. I hope to include the different distractions I face in my video. This is similar to the second article again the photograph is of one person in the middle with all the multiple distractions around him. I like the lighting in this, as you can see all the distractions and him quite clearly. I prefer this image more because I relate to it more. A lot of my work is based on my computer where all my distractions are. Besides the obvious social media, I get distracted by my brain thinking of different things all the time and remembering things I should have done. For example yesterday I was just about to start working when I remember I needed to ring British gas, which I did, I then started to work again when I remembered I need to email my boss. As I logged onto my email I saw other things I needed to reply to, which I did. I then tried to start working again when another email came through about a job, I really wanted to apply for, so I started researching about the company and writing my covering letter, which took up a lot of my time. By the time I had finished there was much time to carry on with my university work as it was quite late.

Split Screens:

Usually split screens are used for comparing things or showing what is happening at the same time. However, a lot of films use split screens where you might not see it, like if there are twins and the same actor plays both twin.

A lot of bands use this technique so you can see each member of the band at the same time like Avenge Sevenfold. Or films use it so you can see the difference between situations like in (500) Days of Summer, where it shows the expectations vs reality of a situation, this is similar to how I would like my split screen, so it is obvious that there is a difference in what you are viewing.

Another medium that uses split screen is multiplayer gaming. Each player has a portion of the screen that is dedicated to what their character can see. When playing you can compare where you are to others. I like how these are usually horizontal, something I prefer, as I feel you get to see more.

I tried another video, with a split both horizontally and vertically, in some ways I really like the horizontal but for the way I have shot it I don’t think it works. This is why I am going to try a different angle. I used this tutorial to help me create a split screen.

I then tried a different angle of just my hands, so you can see me clicking. This time I recorded sound but when I sped up the video it didn’t come through. So I had to record the sped up sound through the computer. So my final piece looks like:


As you can hear because of this the sound isn’t as good quality as I would like but I still really like this video. I really like the angle of the camera and how you can see what I get distracted with outside of my laptop.


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