On 20th January 2014 I attended a lecture called Mash it up: Let the dataset change your mindset. Mashups are in everything, or at least most things. It’s how things come together for example how content and presentation interact, and this is on the most basic level. But content is text, photos and videos. And then you could say photo’s content is millions of pixels presented in a certain way, so if you edited a photo you have changed it’s presentation. Within different medias you have mashups for example in a blog post you might have photos, hyperlinks and text. Even in traditional media you have both presentation and content working together like in a book. One person I found was Henry Stuart who creates interactive photos (his work is also here).

I think it’s really interesting that we don’t think of content and presentation merging together, for example when Mez said in a book this happens it struck me because I didn’t think of it like that because you need those two to work together otherwise a book wouldn’t make sense the words could be anywhere, but then you could still argue that that’s the presentation. That the content of the book is meant to be in a odd order, and if you still had no words the content would still be the pages of the book. I think it’s so weird how closely these two things interlink.


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