The final lecture for this module that I attended was called Digital Future – Future Semantics. Almost everything that was discussed at this lecture scared me. I really hate thinking about the future especially in terms of technology. I don’t want to be technology dependent. Although I know it’s pretty much pointless saying that because EVERYTHING I do has technology. Perhaps I should rephrase. I don’t need to rely on it any more than I have to. Mez raised this idea that the shops will know or guess what you want, like it is raised here but I don’t want that. I don’t need some computer guessing what I want. No, I know what I want I don’t need some poxy advert saying “why don’t you buy this?” or “three weeks ago you bought loo roll, do you need some more?” No, it’s just annoying and I don’t need it. I already find it horrifying that adverts show you and item that you just looked at saying “why don’t you buy this?” No, I clicked off it for a reason, I didn’t think I’m going to click off this in the hope an advert might remind me to buy it.

Watching this video makes me feel sick about the future, as much as I think data should be open there is a limit, I don’t need Jane the pizza woman knowing my waist size, if I want pizza I will get it. I don’t think it is fair to tailor things to different people, if my waist size is bigger than Paula’s why should she pay less? The alternative is to stay private, that you will have to pay for a service to keep your anonymity but still there will be your name on a list somewhere saying you want to be anonymous, so how anonymous is that?

When thinking about the future I often wonder what it means for photography. Mez showed us a video of Google Glass. Personally, I don’t see a benefit for them, they are a novelty. For the first few weeks saying “take a photo” or whatever and it does will be incredible but after a while I think it will become annoying. Especially for those who don’t need to wear glasses. I hope that photographers don’t become obsolete, I think they won’t just yet because of the quality of images and I feel at events a professional has more authority and I feel more people stop, pose and look at the camera if there is a professional there.

I guess (I hope) right now it’s all a bit of a mystery and everyone is guessing. But I really cannot see the need for half of this change.


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