From 21st January 2014 to 18th March 2014 I was a Student Progression Ambassador for Coventry University.

My responsibilities and duties are:

  • An  Ambassador will be required to undertake a DBS form
  • To appropriately plan and prepare for each session conducted
  • Undertake 8 sessions in school, as well as attending a minimum of 2 review meetings with their fellow Ambassadors
  • Maintain clear records of all sessions completed with learners
  • To adhere to contact procedures as set out in training and assessment sessions
  • To act in a professional and safe manner whilst on school or college property in accordance with the code of conduct set out in the training and assessment sessions
  • To return clearly and accurately completed timesheets and other requested paperwork in a timely fashion
  • To represent the high standards of the Universities involved in the scheme

Due to going to India I only got to have seven sessions.

I had a group of five year 9 boys (13-14). I really enjoyed putting my organisational skills to use. I liked working with a group of people over a period of time.

I struggled with trying to be creative with lesson ideas. My first couple of weeks I thought they might want to discuss things rather than have worksheets and tasks. But after the second session it became apparent that wasn’t the case. I asked them at the end of the second session if they wanted more activities and work sheets, to that they said yes. So the next week I got them on the computer and did this lesson plan:

Microsoft Word - Lesson 3 .docx Microsoft Word - Lesson 3 .docx Microsoft Word - Lesson 3 .docx

They really enjoyed this lesson and said that they want similar lessons for the following weeks, which I tried to do.

This is what I covered each week:

  1. Introductions: so I could find out what they enjoy at school and don’t, what they know about the higher and further education. I also showed them a list of possible topics to see if there was anything they wanted to know.
  2. Little facts on university: during the time we spoke in the previous session I mentioned some odd facts about university like you can do a course in Lady Gaga or there is a chocolate appreciation society, so I started with a true or false style quiz. We also looked at different courses you and universities for example two of the students were interested in sports so I showed them Loughborough University, which specialises in sports.
  3. Routes towards career that is suited to you (see above lesson plan)
  4. Accommodation, student finance and budgeting.
  5. CVs, cover letters and transferable skills
  6. UCAS
  7. Summary of previous weeks. Small bit on internships and find out what they enjoyed.

The second thing I struggled with was on the 6th week I had planned a totally different lesson but when I got there and explained what was planned and they said they had done something similar in another lesson. So I quickly changed the lesson plan.

At the end of the final session I asked them to write down what they enjoyed, learnt and found interesting here are the results: (I had to remove names from some of the sheets, which is why there is a black mark)

IMG_0484 IMG_0485 IMG_0486IMG_0483


I really enjoyed the challenge from week to week, thinking about ways to be engaging and to fit lesson planning around my university time table. I felt after every lesson that they didn’t enjoy the class and that I had wasted their time. I felt like I couldn’t get through to them. Although reading some of their comments I felt like they had learnt something from the lessons. However, I don’t think I want to be a secondary school teacher after this experience. I know in my final year they will be looking for SPAs, right now I don’t think I would jump at the chance but I would like to see if I can change my opinion.

Although I have a new found respect for teachers because the amount of time I spent planning for a lesson to actually teaching it is ridiculous. In terms of money I am looking at less than £3.50 an hour!

What I have learnt:

  • How to plan lessons
  • How to engage with students at that age.
  • I don’t think I want to be a teacher for that age group because I found it so how to engage with them.

In total this was 3.5 days:

  • 7 x 1 hour of teaching
  • 7 x 2-3 hours of preparation and planning

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