I have had a total of five freelance positions:

  • Darkness concert 15/12/13
  • At a game shoot 25/01/14
  • CUSU Windband concert 24/03/14
  • Second shooting a wedding 12/04/14
  • Meeting a couple to talk about their wedding 23/04/14

The Darkness Gig: I photographed the Darkness and their support acts at the O2 Academy in Leicester this was documented for Music in Leicester an online magazine, a magazine I have photographed for before. The article can be found here. But also my photos were shown in another online magazine East Midland Music, the article is here. The final photographs I took are here. My favourites are:DSC_3247 - Version 2 DSC_3271 DSC_3570 DSC_3805 DSC_3839 DSC_4049

This was in the main room of the O2 Academy Leicester, a room I hadn’t photographed in. This meant there was more room for the acts to move around and the lighting was different from what I had experienced in the other two rooms. I am happy with the shots I took, I hope I can get more experience in that room!


Days: 1 day: 0.5 photographing + 0.5 editing


Game Shooting: Last year I went to video and photograph a game shoot in Leicestershire for a university project.

Photos from 2013

Photo from 2013

Photos from 2013

Photo from 2013

Photos from 2013

Photo from 2013

They liked the photos I took so much they asked me back. On 25th January 2014 I photographed the days events, the photos can be found here (sixth photo onwards). On the day I got to practice shooting landscapes but also of action. Afterwards I got to practice editing, as it was an event I like to keep the edits simple and truthful to the day, I believe I did that.

Photo from 2014

Photo from 2014

Photo from 2014

Photo from 2014

DSC_4568 - Version 2

Photo from 2014

DSC_4527 - Version 2

Photo from 2014

DSC_4534 - Version 2

Photo from 2014

DSC_4557 - Version 2

Photo from 2014

DSC_4559 - Version 2

Photo from 2014

Photo from 2014

Photo from 2014

They wanted some of the photo as prints to put in the club house and some of the shooters wanted them for themselves too. The first time I had the prints sorted for to go to the print bureau I edited them in centimetres not inches, this taught me a lesson to double check what I am doing. However, it was lucky that I had done this because that day I saw the person I was organising prints with and they had decided they wanted some more.

Days: 1.5 days: 1 day shooting + 0.5days editing

Windband Concert 24.03.14: I was asked by the CUSU Windband’s Sectary to photograph their Easter concert, I got this because she is my friend and the previous photographer didn’t do what they asked. I was asked to take photos of three things:

  • The rehearsal
  • Group shots e.g. committee, sections of the band
  • Concert

I found taking the photos quite easy, as I have photographed another wind band before. The lighting in the room was decent, and the walls were white so it retained the light. In this position I got to continue my photographic practice in a more professional context. If I were to reshoot I would have photographed the group shots inside the room where there was a bit more light, although there was less room.

DSC_8385 DSC_8405 DSC_8418 DSC_8427 DSC_8443 DSC_8449 - Version 2 DSC_8462 - Version 2

Days: 1 = 0.5 shooting + 0.25 editing and giving them to her + 0.25 initial meet to discuss what she wanted


Wedding 12.04.14: I got this position because I messaged Jenn Hitchcock, a friend who does photography, asking if she needed any assistance or second shooting for any weddings or photo shoots coming up. She told me she did but not until the summer but if I emailed Vicky Parkinson she might need a second shooter. I did a lot of preparation with the photographer I worked with: Vicky Parkinson, we had our initial meet where we discussed what she wanted me to do, when she needed a second shooter and her plans for future weddings 2015+ I then went back to her for a practise shooting session where I photographed her and a friend’s children. Then I went back to her for another practice and further discussion. Then we had the wedding and I sent her the photographs. The first meet was quite simple, we just got to know each other a little more after emailing each other.

The second time we met was a lot harder because I had never photographed children before, and in this shoot we were outside and they ran around a lot. Additionally we were in an area which was partly shaded by trees so getting the settings of the camera was very hard. These two meets combined were 1 day (half a day each) When I sent her the photos there was a focus issue, some of the photos that should have been in focus weren’t. So she arrange another meet, we discovered I had the camera to focus in the top right corner not centre, so all the photos had a top right in focus. Once we discovered that she felt calmer for the wedding. This was half a days work too. The wedding itself went fairly well, This was the order of the day:

  • At the bride’s house taking photos of them getting ready
  • To the church for a quick photo shoot with the groom and groomsmen
  • Back to brides house for more getting ready shots and quick photo shoot
  • I then went to the church to photograph guests coming in
  • Ceremony
  • Formal guest photos
  • I went to the drinks reception to photograph guests
  • Few more formals
  • Receiving line
  • Break
  • Speeches
  • Guest photos and handing out cards to tell guests where and when to see the photos
  • Cutting cake
  • First dance

I am happy with the photographs I got. I believe I did well seeing as it was the third Christian wedding I have photographed.

I’m really glad I made the focusing error, it has given me more knowledge on my camera, but also I know to always check my camera for settings that might have been changed.

When I came to sending the photos she wanted the RAW files to be sent via we transfer, but this became very hard because the files are so big so it took about 4 hours per 150 images and as I took around 1000 it took far too long! So after a while she decided it would be easier to post them. I’m glad I have realised this as well, it’s good to know what is the best method for sending photos.


DSC_0002 DSC_0452 DSC_9118 DSC_9176 DSC_9195 DSC_9202 DSC_9205 DSC_9512 DSC_9732 DSC_9742 DSC_9901


Days: 3.5= 1 day for wedding + 0.5 initial meet + 0.5 of contact in emailing and texting + 0.5 mini shoot + 0.5 sending the photographs over + 0.5 wedding preparation and going over the camera.

Meeting 23/04/14: Late march an email was sent asking for a student photographer to second shoot a wedding, as I am looking into becoming a wedding photographer I thought this would be a good opportunity to get more experience in the field. When I met them we discussed what they wanted from me and what I wanted from them. I also showed them some examples of my previous wedding experience including the second shooting I did in April. Their’s is a wedding weekend with a vintage theme, the couple want me to second shoot on the Saturday and first shoot on the Sunday. The itinerary looks like:

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 22.08.03


Days: 0.5 days = .25 emailing + .25 meet

I feel fairly confident but to prepare I have been doing lots of research and will be over the coming months. I am trying to pre visualise certain aspects of the wedding, so I am looking at examples of vintage weddings and I am looking at photos of weddings or general photos in the venues the couple are using. I wish I took some written questions to the couple instead of trying to remember them because I couldn’t remember them. But this has taught me a lesson for (hopefully) the next time I will meet a couple for a wedding.


I’m glad I have more professional experience in photography. I’m glad I got to talk to different people and experience different things like a new venue for gigs or how another photographer works (especially a professional one)


Total number of days = 7.5


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