I have really enjoyed this module, I feel like I have gained in a lot of skills, I particularly proud of how I have improved in my communication skills both written and aural. I’m glad I had all the experiences whether good or bad, it has helped me in the process of deciding what I want to do. It has also allowed me to see my strengths and improve on them.


My video response:

I know my video is slightly over the limit, but I knew I couldn’t cut it down further.

Days in total:

Photoshop: 2 days

Freelancing: 7.5

Frederick Bird School: 7.5

Leicester People’s Photographic Gallery: 5 days

Student Progression Ambassador: 3.5 days

India: 3 days


TOTAL: 27.5 days


If I were to do this module again I would try to do a self initiated photography project, so expand more creatively.


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